Small Luxuries = Happy Riders

This event took place back in Aug 15, 2020

Image 2020-9-1

For as long as I can remember, VIA alway sucked.  I’ve been riding since 1990 and during the hot summers, you are forced to wait out in the sun at a +100°F bus stop.  That was until Saturday, August15, 2020 when me an my girlfriend got off at McCreless to transfer buses.  At the bust stop was a “Shelter Bus” (Image 2020-9-1) with the AC struggling to keep the inside of the bus nice and frosty.

With the hot Texas sun frying the surrounding concrete, we rushed aboard the shelter bus, and of course, we wore our masks.  I meant to take more pictures, but my connecting bus arrived soon after and we rushed off.

Two things that VIA should consider in the future when setting up these buses.  One, if you are going to keep the front door open, leave the ADA ramp out as well. Two, have the bus driver who is minding the Shelter Bus be prepared to run over to allow people who are slow to be able to catch their conecting bus.  Overall, I hope VIA brings this back next year to places like McCreless and Naco Pass which lack air condintioned shelters.  


2020-9-1:  A picture of the Shelter Bus at McCreless bus stop on August 15, 2020.  


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