COVID-19 Break in Blog.

Since January, finding time to write has been a hassle for me.  I’ve tried several times to find the time and the inspiration to type the words, but this year, my work load has been higher than normal, especially since there was a scarcity of toliet paper and guess what I haul as a region truck driver?  

But now it’s September and I’m beginning to get my inspiration back and find the time.  I still want to write about the propaganda part on why transportation sucks and write more about upcoming city infrastructure projects. But this time’ll be typing on blogspot again.  It’s just easier so here are my blog sites.

The former blog: Bicycle San Antonio:

my wordpress site:

my new blogspot site:

And I already wrote my first blog post for the site called “Small Luxuries = Happy Riders.”

Each new blog post will have both the blogspot link and the wordpress link at the end of the post.  

Blogspot:  https//

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