Why I’m Voting for Ron.

I have come to a decision this election and it’s not about the Cenotaph removal or about the domestically violence. For me, it’s about bicycles and Vision Zero and Brockhouse has shown no commitment to this issue until after Tito’s murder.

Back in 2017, I asked all the candidates including Greg Brockhouse on their stances on the bicycling issues, I received a no response. To me, that was no surprise for he won in a district that complained about useless sharrows.

For the most part, as councilman, he didn’t do anything to improve bicycling, but he did vote for adding funds from the general revenue towards VIA. In 2018, he backed the three propositions, proposition, especially A, would have made it impossible to put down any Bicycle Lanes.

Only after the murder of Tito Bradshaw, has he shown an interest in bicycles but when it comes to a bicycle lane over a parked car or a car lane, he has made it clear, that the car comes first in both his response to SAbikebloc and his response to Janel Sterbentz on The Source. This is why I won’t be voting for Brockhouse.

Cars being put first got us to the current situation. It has lead to our terrible air quality, it has lead to the traffic congestion all over the city, it has lead to a VIA Transit that has only a 1/2¢ sales tax, and it had lead to the increase in pedestrian and cyclist deaths. There is a saying attributed to Einstein (but Einstein didn’t say it) saying, “doing the same thing over and expecting different results is a sign of insanity.” When are we going to learn them lesson that adding lanes to congestion freeways, putting park cars before protected bike lanes and keep underfunding our Transit system is the reason why we have the problems today.

Regardless of who wins, I will continue to advocate for the protected bike lanes, improve transit and #VisionZero. But if Nirenberg fails with his promises to put a Protected Bicycle Lane down Broadway, then he’s not going to be getting my vote come 2021. The same goes with Brockhouse.


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