A change to aatblog

As I begin to ask the candidates running for city council and Mayor, I realized it was time for a change from my old blog Bicycle San Antonio to the new aatblog. The ‘a’ ‘a’ ‘t’ stand for Alamo Alternative Transportation, and when I was looking for a domain name, aatblog.com was available. The reason for the change is simple, I don’t want any future blog post to be confused with the advocacy group Bike San Antonio especially the upcoming San Antonio Bicycle Voter’s Guide 2019 that I’m busy working on for the City’s May 4th election.

I’m not going to be deleting anything from Bicycle San Antonio at all and will continue to site back to it from time to time. My fear, unfounded or not, was that someone would try to sue the advocacy group, thinking that the voters guide came from them instead of me. For the record, I’m a private citizen simply trying to inform my fellow citizens on the bicycling, transit issues and new urbanism. Bike San Antonio is a 501c3 and due to that tax status, they can’t say anything about politics.

For now you can still reach me on my twitter handle @BikeSanAntonio, Instagram a thttps://www.instagram.com/bicyclesanantonio/ and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bikesanantonio/. It’s going to be awhile before I’m able to change all my Social Media pages to the aatblog. So please bear with me.

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